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  • Best Vacuum For Pet Hair


    We wouldn’t trade our pets for anything, but here are a few thing we could easily live without though, such as dirt, dander and hair. This last one just seem to get everywhere doesn’t it? Well, don’t let it get you down; if you’re looking for a vacuum that will effectively keep your household clear of all these then you’ve come to the right place. Obviously if you’re reading this, you understand that not just any vacuum will do the trick; you want the best vacuum for pet hair that you can find and that will fit your needs.

    The interactive chart of pet vacuums below will help you decide which vacuum is right for you.

    If you need more info on what makes a great pet vacuum, then below the chart is a full description of what you should be looking out for before making a purchase. Our complete reviews should also give you a great unbiased overview of what to expect from what we consider the best pet vacuums on the market today.


    The pet vacuum cleaners in the above chart just barely scratch the surface. There are so many manufacturers and models that exist; it would be very hard to list them all. However, many exceptional vacuums solely designed to clean up after our furry companions are included at every price range. Best of all, they come from very respected and quality makers.

    Why a “pet vacuum” over a regular vacuum cleaner?

    The main reason: You won’t need to go over the same area countless times to get rid of pet hair, you will remove it all in one go. It will take a fraction of the time you would usually take, which means you’ll spend more time with your pet and less time cleaning up. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

    Another key difference with your regular vacuum is the special attachments and power heads specifically designed to easily pick up pet hair anywhere around the house, it makes life so much easier.

    What you want of a great vacuum for pet hair:

    Powerful suction: It is the pulling power of the vacuum cleaner’s motor, or how well it sucks up debris such as fur, dirt, dander, etc. This is extremely important when vacuuming thick, plush carpets where pet hair gets easily stuck. A strong motor will also make it possible for the air to keep flowing through even when the vacuum is obstructed, preventing it from choking.

    Strong airflow: That hair has to go somewhere; this is where suction’s best friend steps in. Airflow takes the garbage coming in and brings it all the way into the container. Good airflow will also help to keep the brushes clear of any pet hair that would otherwise get entangled in it, a common problem with most regular vacs.

    The best vacuum for pet hair will need a great balance between abundant suction power and great airflow.

    Key elements in choosing the best vacuum for pet hair

    1. Upright Vacuums VS Canister Vacuums:

    If you want a machine that will do everything around the house, you’ll have to choose between an upright and a canister model. Uprights have both the motor and the suction head in one unit that you push in front of you. On the other hand, canisters comprise a wheeled body that you pull around; the hose and nozzle are attached to it as shown below. It’s often a design preference but generally speaking, uprights tend to be more effective at removing pet hair as they often include motorized brush heads that are awesome at pulling fur from carpets. Be aware though that some canister models do come with turbo brushes which can make them as good as uprights.

    Other types of vacuums worth mentioning:

    Robot vacuum cleaners: These awesome little machines go around the house by themselves cleaning the floors over and over, all they ask is that you charge and empty them. It’ll keep your floors clean 24/7 and make vacuuming the house on weekends a breeze. Stairs detection, HEPA filters, some models even go back to their docking station, what more could you ask for?
    Handheld vacs: Cleaning the car, the bedspread or even between the cushions of your couch, those are some hard to reach places where a handheld vacuum will excel. Some models aim for pet-hair pickup and have many pet vacuum features like great roller brushes and HEPA filters.
    Stick vacs: If you want a quick cleanup without lugging around your heavy full sized vacuum, a stick vac can easily do the trick. They are a very economic version of a full upright while easier to store. Some are even battery powered.

    2. Bagged Vacuums VS Bagless Vacuums:


    This is another personal preference as an option isn’t necessarily better than the other. With bagless vacuums, you’ll never need to buy bags, which could save you quite a bit of money. On the other hand, you might spend more on filters if they’re not washable. In theory, the suction suffers less as it gets full than its bagged counterpart, but in practice there isn’t much of a difference if you have a good bagged vacuum. Another great feature is that many times you’ll be able to see how full the dirt chamber is. A disadvantage if you go bagless is the possibility of having a dust cloud every time you empty it in the bin. This depends on the model as some are very convenient to empty.

    On the other hand, vacuums using bags will make little to no mess when you empty it, which is great if you have allergies. Filtration is better in some cases as the bags acts as a filtration tool. Combined with a HEPA filter, you will reduce the particles coming out of the vacuum to a minimum and say goodbye to your allergies. A problem with bagged vacuums is that you might need to change bags a lot more if you have furry friends, which will end up costing money in the long run.

    3. Filtration systems:

    Having animals around increase allergens in the air, therefore if you want to keep the indoor air quality of your household to its best, you’ll have to pay attention to the filtration systems while shopping for a new vacuum cleaner. When dealing with animals, a HEPA filter will help trap tiny particles of pet dander, dust and other allergens so they aren’t redistributed into the air. If you have family or friends that are allergic to pets or asthmatic, this is a must. Some models have washable filters which makes them a more economical option on the long run.

    4. Warranty:

    As vacuums tend to slowly wear out with time, a good warranty is always nice to have to protect your investment. This is especially true with pet vacuums as they are built to be very powerful and full of features, therefore more reasons something could go wrong. Warranties have different lengths, can cover the motor or just the parts, etc. One thing to remember is that all the vacuums shown on this site are from companies that build not only quality products, but that have an extensive network of professionals that are widely available across the United States in case you need your vacuum fixed.

    5. “Pet-friendly” Features:

    It’s great to have the best vacuum out there, but if you don’t have the right tools, it’s going to be hard to clean everything around the house. Some of the models on this site are dedicated to clean after pets in any situation and on any type of floors while others will target a specific situation (ie: Handheld & stick vacs). To learn more about the features or a specific model, please see our product reviews.

    6. Other considerations:

    There are numerous other reasons why you could favor a vacuum over another, such as its lightweight, battery powered over a corded version, or even the length of the cord itself. In order to get the full picture, please see our product reviews, they will give you a complete and detailed description of what you can expect from these vacuums.

    Best Vacuum For Pet Hair: Top 5 reviews:

    Since we list only the best models to take care of pet hair, the ones in the above chart are all serious contenders to be in this top 5. A few of them are our favorites though, so we want to point them out. We recommend you read our full reviews to understand why, but here’s a quick explanation why in our minds these are the best of the best in different categories.

    Miele S7260 Cat & Dog Upright Vacuum Cleaner:

    Perhaps the ultimate vacuum build with removing pet hair in mind is the Miele S7 260 Cat & Dog Upright vacuum. This isn’t a cheap option though, but at around $649 this is the cream of the crop.

    What you get is a sturdy machine that is built to last for years and that will make it effortless to keep your house clean and free of pet hair. The suction power is immense and can easily be adjusted to different floor heights. Backed by a 7 year warranty, looking long-term this is the go-to vacuum without a doubt.

    The huge 9 layer bags combined with spring loaded flaps and a carbon filter means that you will never come in contact with dust and hair while keeping the air completely allergen free, leaving no unwanted odors behind. The particles are also compressed inside the bag making them last for a long time.

    Miele is a German based manufacturer specialized in domestic appliances that have been making vacuums since 1927, so their products stand the test of time hands down. For all the features that we love, the incredible durability and flawless performance of the S7 260 Cat & Dog, as of today this is the best vacuum for pet hair.

    Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Pet Rewind Plus Upright Vacuum (Bagless):

    With well over 1 000 reviews on Amazon, this upright vacuum from Hoover is the most popular pet vacuum on the market today and for good reasons. This is one of the best deals that you can get on the market, a reputation well earned as it’s been tested and reviewed many times before.

    Looking at all the features at a ridiculously low price, you can see why people like it. At around $140, it has all the essential tools needed to remove pet hair lying around your household while providing very decent suction power. It can be adjusted depending on the type of floor you’re cleaning and comes with many tools such as a turbo brush that will pick up pet hair easily. It comes with a washable HEPA filter AND a carbon filter, so filtration is well covered. The 2 year warranty isn’t huge, but for the money you’re spending it’s a nice safety net.

    This vacuum has all the necessary features to make cleaning after your pets easy. Best of all, somehow Hoover has made possible for this popular product to have one of the lowest price on the market, putting to shame comparable vacs that are sold twice the price. All of this makes buying this vacuum a no brainer if you’re on a budget.

    Click Here To See Pricing, Ratings and Reviews on
    Eureka Pet Lover Mighty Mite
    If you’re looking for a simple canister vacuum with great suction and that’s allergy proof, this Eureka model will meet your needs. It is regularly on sale for just about $85 dollars, making it the best deal around for a pet canister vacuum.

    The adjustable suction can easily suck area rugs off the floor and the pet attachment does extremely well what it’s been designed to do: suck up all of that pet hair off of your furniture. The canister is also super light and the reach of the wand and hose is amazingly long.

    This bagged vacuum is a great option if you have allergies as you don’t need to empty it manually and the HEPA filter does a great job filtering dust and allergens. The bags are also eliminating odors which is a great feature for any pet owner.

    Altogether, this Eureka Pet Lover Mighty Mite clearly does its job at a bargain price. For canister pet vacuums, you can’t go wrong with this one.

    BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum (Corded)

    If you’re looking for a small vacuum that’ll help you clean your couch, chairs and hard to reach places, look no further.
    This handheld has some fantastic sucking power for its size. Paired with the rubber attachement on the front of the vac, it’s great at removing pet hair in one go. Compared to battery models, this corded version will always offer sustained suction power while the vacuum is on. The 16 feet cord is also more than enough since you’ll be mostly cleaning small areas with it.

    This is a bagless vacuum, so no need to by any bags. The container is also pretty easy and convenient to empty. The HEPA filter will keep your air clean and best of all, it’s washable so you don’t need to buy any filters. Because of this, the buying price of around 30$ is all you need to spend to get a machine that will clean up pet hair with ease, what a steal !

    There’s a reason why Bissell is the number one manufacturer of floor care products in North America : They deliver products that do what they are meant to do and they do it well. This Bissell Pet Hair Eraser is a great example.

    iRobot Roomba 630 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pets:

    Although the iRobot Roomba robot vacuums have been on the market for less than 10 years, they have become the go-to models when you’re looking for a vacuum that will clean any floor by itself. The 630 is specifically targeting pet owners as it is made to keep your floors clean of pet hair.

    As with a quality pet vacuum, the airflow on this robot has been designed to keep hair from getting tangled in the brush, which for pet owners is a must. The way it works is simple : It won’t pick up everything on the first go, but it will go over and over in the same spots, leaving them perfectly clean at the end of the cycle. This specific version has sensors that will detect dirty spots and focus on them so they are cleaned thoroughly.

    Another great feature is that it adjusts automatically on different types of floors, so no need to worry about your carpeted floor not getting cleaned properly. It will also go to places you don’t always vacuum : under the couch, the bed, the dresser, etc.

    The Roomba serie has come a long way in the past years and have now proven that they are sturdy vacuums that will last for years, which makes them very affordable on the long run.

    If you have a house that lends itself well to robot vacuums and are ready to keep the floors empty so the robot can do its job, then this vacuum is AWESOME. It will make weekend vacuuming a simple task as all that’s left to clean is the furniture! Personally, this one’s a personal favorite just because of that.

    So which is the best vacuum for pet hair ?

    Phew! If you made it down here, then you definitely understand that choosing a good vacuum to clean up after your pets is something that should be done with thoughtful consideration. The models shown on this website are only the best we could find to get rid of pet hair. They come in different types and price range, so we feel you’re bound to find a quality product that fits your needs.

    If you feel we’ve missed any pet vacuums that is worth mentioning or for anything else, then please do not hesitate to drop us a line in the contact section.


    Canister vacuum for pet hair, best buying guide and reviews – by Best Vacuum World

    5 Best Upright Vacuum Cleaners For Pet Hair Suction – by PetsLady


  • Top 10 Vacuum Cleaners


    In any product that we choose, we want one with combined superior quality and fits our budget. In buying a vacuum cleaner, we need to choose a product based on their features, affordability and the benefits the consumers get out of them.
    Of the various brands and models of vacuum cleaners in the market today, the products below made it to the Top 10 vacuum cleaners available.

    Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum:


    For $250, this commendable vacuum cleaner tops the list and garnered the Best Buy Award because of its outstanding features. It has a very powerful suction function that sucks all the dirts, dust and soil in every corner of your house including your upholstery and carpets. It works with a Microban antibacterial protection that works all the way as long as you utilize Healthy Home Vacuum.

    Oreck XL21 Titanium Series:

    This deserves to belong to the Top 10 vacuum cleaners because it champions healthier environment in your home and even in your office. Oreck XL21 features HEPA-Celoc filtration system that prevents dust and microbes from going out of the unit while you suction. Oreck XL21 uses Helping Hand technology making it easy for you to grasp the handle.

    Hoover Upright Vacuums:

    Every Hoover Upright deserves a place in this list. Hoover vacuum cleaners does superior cleaning using WindTunner Technology that lifts dust and dirt and suck them immediately leaving no spec of anything at all. Hoover upright vacuums uses a sealed certified HEPA filtration system that trap allergens as you do the cleaning.

    Eureka Model 71A:

    This model of Eureka features an on-and-off brushroll that allows you to clean rugs as well as bare hard floors. It also features Riser Visor that gives you an opportunity to clean both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Storing the 71A is easy with its on-board cord wrap.

    Dirt Devil Kurv Choco Latte:

    The Dirt Devil Kurv Choco Latte is really a devil when it comes to work efficiency. They are innovatively designed and pleasing to the eyes. Its tough and will survive everyday tough cleaning. This compact vacuum cleaner is rechargeable so you only use electric energy when you use it. The Choco Latte is very portable and cordless making cleaning hard to reach places a breeze.

    Kirby Sentria:

    The Kirby Sentria is the latest innovation and is well-loved by consumers. It features a HEPA 11 filtration system which prevents dust, debris, and dirt from being emitted while product is in use.
    It has Toe Touch Control that permits you to control the height of your vacuum cleaners when you use it making cleaning hard to reach areas easy. It has LED headlights that makes cleaning areas at night so much easier.

    Lindhaus Activa:

    The Activa model from Lindhaus is equipped with a 6-stage filtration system that prevents any micron to get out of the vacuum cleaner unit and stay on the carpet or mix into the air.

    Melior Canister Vacuum:

    This Melior Canister Vacuum is one tough vacuum that is made of plastic. Like its metal counterparts, Melior works miraculously and lasts even longer because it does not experience any kind of corrosion. Its advanced filtration system permits the vacuum to work with superior performance.

    Dyson Vacuum Cleaners:

    Dyson is a household name when it comes to the toughest vacuum cleaners. It works in any type of flooring, totally hygienic and is made and designed with the health of the consumers in mind. It uses a HEPA filtration system that are made to last a lifetime and survives years of washing.

    Fantom Technologies Vacuum Cleaner:

    Fantom Technologies are bagless vacuum cleaners making it easy to maintain. They can be used in both floors and carpets. Its lightweight design makes above floor cleaning a breeze, portable, and easy to maneuver. It features an on-board integrated hose combined with turbo brush that makes it easy to remove ground dirt and pet hair.

  • What We Need to Know about Roomba Vac That Does Fast and Simple Cleaning


    Roomba Vac additionally comes in utilitarian for moms who will not should be encumbered with tedious home tasks. A Roomba vac is mostly a meticulously done routine which surprisingly does all cleanup purposes in flattering most no time. Getting ready to cover a complete building in cleanup isn’t a usually value you’ll get.

    It additionally notices dirtier areas as well as replies by augmenting a bulk of a cleanup potential. That is achieved thru a assistance of 2 sensors which can be found now upon top of a brushes. What happens is which when airborne mud as well as mud hits these sensors, Roomba vac will fast spin in citation of a dirty area, cleanup it harder.


    All which it requires is for we to really press a symbol to prove a measure of a room it has to clear. Following environment it up, a utilitarian as well as cordless a Roomba vac starts off a career by navigating all-around obstructions whilst a looming rhythmical by a non-marring buffer as well as infrared sensors report it. Incredibly, rught away after a room is spotless or by a finish of a cleanup cycle or as an e.g. a battery is handling small, it has a appetite to lapse to domicile bottom to recharge. Enable me give we a judgment upon how it works.

    On a front of Roomba vac’s fender, you’ll be means to fix up an infrared receiver which sees a vigilance supposing off by a domicile base. Since it approaches a finish of each singular cleanup cycle, Romba vac starts off looking a vigilance as well as goes behind again to domicile bottom to recharge for a following cleanup excitement.

    The duration presence of a fittest not only is germane to male or animals. This robotic opening distinguishes jeopardy inside figure of stairs as well as cliffs. It can be infrared intuiting which impedes it from slipping. It emits an infrared vigilance as well as waits to establish if it rebounds behind again, if it doesn’t rebound behind again, it quickly recognizes which a obtaining nearby to a tiny precipice or stairs as well as safely turns apart. Roomba vac is identical to a tiny house house pet which we could presumably authority a bounds per in which it have to remain.

    It can be by a complement which creates an invisible infrared practical wall which continues it from channel open areas which is as endless as twenty feet. The infrared receiver is found upon front of a fender. This senses a vigilance of a practical wall which it dares not to cranky a roomba vac encompasses a NiMH battery. Just charging this once delivers competent appetite to dumpy around 3 medium-size bedrooms or is homogeneous around ninety mins of cleanup.

    Its dimensions is thirteen in diameter, 3 in tallness as well as weighs 7 lbs. It is perceived a 90-day promise though we additionally have a non mandatory Three yr assure. Airborne waste as well as airborne mud as well as mud continues airborne mud as well as mud mite which reasons asthma as well as allergy which is commanding a lot some-more jeopardy upon youngsters. The steady operate of your opening cleanser will clean detached people tiny airborne mud as well as mud demons as well as thereby rein in their tact cycle. Influenced by a user evaluations of Roomba vac, a overwhelming usability as well as operation in colours can have it a great existent as well as have them clarity a tiny similar to possessing a house house pet all-around as well as an essentially infallible really great mate. So, will not be left inside airborne mud as well as dust, stick on a all a time taking flight unapproachable as well as confident Roomba Vac user as well as have your hold up a really tiny small reduction complicated.

    There is a most kinds of opening cleaners accessible in a markets. If we have been meditative of purchasing a latest opening cleaners, greatfully revisit portable cordless opening cleaners, Shark cordless vacuum or Eureka cordless vacuum.

  • Miele Vacuum Cleaner Review


    Are you looking for a Miele vacuum cleaner? This website contains a wealth of useful information including reviews, advice and guidance to find the ideal one for you and at a discount.
    Miele is a global premium brand of domestic appliances and commercial machines, specializing in dishwashing, laundry care and disinfection.  Being a family run company, it has taken great care with its products, and has an extensive history and deep experience, being formed in 1899 by Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann.  It is regarded by the company as considerably better that the competition, providing premium products, German engineered to last much longer than the competition.  Miele vacuum cleaners undergo extensive cable reel and free-fall drum tests to ensure reliability and durability for years to come.  They are carefully designed to showcase quality and feasibility, with an elegant and attractive product design, reflecting quality on the outside whilst reliable engineering ensures peace of mind and superb performance, time after time.


    Miele products consistently win product reviews with leading cleaning and filtration performance.  They produce uprights, canisters and stick vacuum cleaners.  No wonder then, that their reviews are glowingly positive.

    As a well-known provider of online goods via an extensive set of suppliers and products, Amazon offers a wealth of product and vendor choice built on a solid reputation as a brand you can trust.   Their prices are very competitive, with frequent discounts on products, including free delivery for many.  Amazon offers peace of mind to buyers through coverage of the purchased item, secure payment encryption and whichever vendor you buy from on the Amazon Marketplace, service which is second to none.  The website itself offers an easy to use interface, allowing you to compare products and sellers, listing past performance and ensuring that you get the very best deal.

    Prices are very competitive and easy to compare, and often vendors in the Amazon Marketplace offer some of the best prices you can find on the internet.  Often, there are discounts and promotions.  Some items offer Super Saver Delivery, which is free delivery, with additional savings.

    Which Miele vacuum to select?
    Which Miele vacuum to select?

    The Amazon website itself is designed to be comprehensive and yet easy to use, with Amazon’s own payment system, for which all you need is a credit card.  1-Click Ordering saves your information, making purchasing almost effortless, leaving you the time and energy to focus on choosing the item itself.  The website also lists product reviews, by customers such as you, including experiences with vendors or Amazon itself, the product: and whether it meets their expectations,   the seller: whether the item was packed sufficiently and delivery within a given timeframe and other useful details.  Payment itself is processed via a Secure Server, ensuring that your details are safe.  Sellers do not have any kind of access to your payment details, as Amazon acts as a middleman, accepting payment on your behalf before it processes the transaction to the vendor.

    It is easy to see why many people choose Amazon for their online shopping experience that any other online retailer.
    Miele have a wide range of products for all kinds of cleaning tasks, with many products offering outstanding HEPA filtration and suction ability, coupled with longevity and consistent performance.

    Miele Olympus S2120 Canister Vacuum Cleaner:

    This canister vacuum cleaner is very powerful, with a 1200 Watt Motor, being Made in Germany and also made to Last – the average lifespan of this product is 20 Years, far exceeding the competition.  It comes with variable speed control to allow cleaning of bare floors, drapes, rugs and much more.  It comes with a FiberteQ SBD350-3 Combination Rug and Floor Tool, which is ideal for area rugs and bare floors.


    Miele S4 Series Lightweight Canister Vacuum Cleaners:

    These canister vacuum cleaners are lightweight but also very powerful, with a special 1200 watt vortex motor driving the suction.  Also it’s Polaris range is designed to last, with a 20 year estimated lifespan, being Germany engineered and made.  This particular series is ideal for sufferers of asthma and allergies, being a sealed system.  It comes with the SBD450-3 Combination Rug and Floor Tool.  This tool is ideal for Bare Floors and Area Rugs.


    Miele Titan S2180 Canister Vacuum Cleaner:

    This vacuum cleaner is also made in Germany and designed to last for 20 years.  It is very lightweight and extremely powerful, also using Miele’s own 1200 watt vortex motor for effective, reliable suction with longevity.  It is ideal for allergy sufferers and those with asthma as it comes with a HEPA filter.  Additionally, it comes with a Parquet Floor Brush and the SEB 217-3 Powerhead, for bare floors and low to medium pile carpets.  It is designed to be highly maneuverable and comes with various accessories.

    Source: Miele Company

  • Things to Remember When Buying Vacuum Cleaners

    When you bought carpets for your home, you probably swore to do everything to maintain these floor coverings. Along with the investment on carpets is the fact that you need tools to keep the carpets clean at all times. This is where vacuum cleaners come in handy.

    Many homeowners in Illinois know how important it is to have a vacuum at home. It’s your weapon during unexpected cases of carpet staining and spilling. Moreover, a vacuum cleaner is a big help in removing accumulated dust and dirt on your carpet. By using it, you won’t have to get on the carpet on your hands and knees to brush away dirt.

    If you’re planning to buy a vacuum, there are many things that you need to consider before you visit stores.The first thing would be the type of vacuum cleaner to buy. There are two types available these days: upright and canister cleaners. Choosing between the two types depends on a number of factors.

    If only one floor on your house has carpets, upright vacuums are ideal for carpet cleaning Arlington Heights.On the other hand, many carpet cleaning experts suggest canister vacuums because these freely allow you to clean carpet floors in hard-to-reach areas and on staircases. Check your house’s carpets first and see which vacuum cleaner suits your needs.

    You should also consider other features. In the past, vacuum cleaners used bags to carry the dirt and dust extracted from the carpet. Now that carpet cleaning Buffalo Groove industry has evolved, many vacuums use bag-less and cyclonic methods to trap dust and dirt particles. Bag-less vacuum cleaners use a container and a reusable filter, while cyclonic vacuums use the principle of rotating airflow and a storage bin.

    Lastly, consider the vacuum’s performance and power. It is important that the vacuum cleaner you choose can at least extract solvent residues when you conduct dry carpet cleaning Northbrook. That way, you don’t need to buy two different vacuums for your carpet. Other vacuum features that you should inspect include motors, filters, power bars, and hose quality.

  • How to find your ideal Vacuum Cleaner


    Step 1:

    With 100’s of vacuum cleaners now available we suggest you narrow your search by clicking on one, or a few, of the following Top Recommendation Categories.

    Types of Vacuum Cleaners:

    When you picture a vacuum cleaner in your mind you probably envision a classic upright appliance with a bag on the front, a handle at waist height, and a suction mechanism on the floor. You are thinking of the classic vacuum cleaner that has been in homes for decades.

    But, in the decades since this classic vacuum cleaner was introduced there have been waves of innovations in the vacuum cleaner business. Below are descriptions of all of the types of vacuum cleaners on the market today. Choosing the right type of vacuum cleaner is as important as which brand or model of vacuum you choose. So, learn the types well!

    Upright vacuums:

    Upright vacuums are the more traditional style, and continue to be the most popular and least expensive. These types of vacuums have a wider range than canisters do and are the most reliable when you want to deep clean your carpet. Because of their solid design, they are the easiest to store. The downside to upright vacuums is that they can be unwieldy and can weigh more than 20 pounds. In addition, these are usually the loudest vacuums.

    Small vacuums (dust busters)

    These mini-vacuums are light and are either battery powered or come with a cord. These are ideal for quick cleaning on hard surfaces and bare floors. These are not designed for heavy duty cleaning.

    Canister vacuums

    The top of the line canister vacuums do just as well as uprights, and they are especially effective on pet hair. Canisters are the way to go for vacuuming hard floors, curtains, and furniture. They are much easier to maneuver on stairs and are not nearly as noisy as upright vacuums. Canister vacuums can, however, be more difficult to store because of the hose and wand. Don’t forget to check top 5 canister vacuum reviews from Best Vacuum World if you want to find the best canister vacuum that fit your budget and demand.

    Central vacuums
    Central vacuums win the convenience game, but they are expensive and usually have to be installed by a professional. If you’re willing to spend the money, central vacuums are a great investment as they are easier to use than almost any other type of vacuum. They are the easiest to maneuver because you don’t have to haul around a vacuum body, only the hose and powerhead. These convenient vacuums are quiet, but there is no place to keep the cleaning tools and the long hose can be a hassle when it comes to storage.

    Stick vacuums

    The greatest benefit of stick vacuums is that they weight less than upright vacuums. However, they have a smaller capacity. They are usually battery powered, so you’ll avoid tripping over long cords, but they aren’t a great choice for deep cleaning. These will work best for dealing with surface messes. When you need to clean something quickly; the dirt bin is incredibly small, so for larger messes you’ll need a more traditional vacuum.

    Robotic vacuums


    Robot vacuums may be the most convenient option of all. They do all the work, but you do have to take the time to set them up. These are not idea for deep cleaning, but rather for regular maintenance vacuuming. Their design tends to cause them tom miss corners, but they are still a great idea for keeping your rooms clean between deep-cleaning sessions.

    Step 2:

    Once you’ve seen our Top Recommendations you can then look through our Detailed Reviews which includes our 5 Star Rating system. Our rating system is based on:

    4 Vacuum Cleaner Criteria:

    • Suction Power
    • Ease of use
    • Weight
    • Price

    By this stage you should have enough information to help you make your purchase.

    Step 3:

    If price is a key criteria for you then please check out our Deal of The Week, where each Monday we detail money saving deals on Canister, Upright, Cordless and Hepa style vacuum cleaners.
    With so many vacuum cleaners on the market it can become a nightmare in deciding which one to buy. There are lots of things you need to consider. For example:

    • Should you buy a Canister or an Upright vacuum?
    • What’s the best one for carpet or hard floors?
    • What’s the best Hepa vacuum and do I really need one?
    • What’s the best vacuum cleaner to get rid of pet hair?
    • Do automatic vacuums like the Roomba really work?
    • What power rating should mine have?
    • Where can I get the best deal online?

    How to pick the right vacuum cleaner:

    Today many types of vacuum cleaners are available in the market. An astounding number of brands are selling their vacuum cleaners & they all promise to offer you the best vacuum cleaning experience you have ever had. But do they all fulfil the promises they make? Certainly not. Therefore it is of utmost importance for you as a consumer to choose the vacuum cleaner that best suits your requirements. There are certain things you must keep in mind while choosing the vacuum cleaner you want to buy. Through the length & breadth of this article we will guide you how you should buy the best vacuum cleaner & what are the things you should look out for in a vacuum cleaner while buying it.

    Why you should buy a vacuum cleaner?

    The reasons for buying a vacuum cleaner are almost universal. The job of a vacuum cleaner is to clean. It sucks dirt & debris using its suction & gives you a sparkling clean house. Other reasons for buying a vacuum cleaner of course is that it saves you a lot time in cleaning. Various types of vacuum cleaners comes with various types of cleaning accessories to suit your cleaning needs.

    What are the features you should look out for in a vacuum cleaner?

    While buying a vacuum cleaner you need to keep in mind the area you are going to clean with it. If you are going to use a vacuum cleaner for the first time then look for vacuum cleaners which are designed with a mix of carpeting & flooring. For cleaning carpets make sure the vacuum cleaner has enough suction power. Also see if the height of the cleaner is adjustable up to the height of your requirement.

    For cleaning floors look for cleaners with brushes or uprights with metal bottom plates. This time make sure the height can be adjusted low enough so that the plate & the wheel won’t scratch your floor.

    Also check out the accessories that come with various vacuum cleaners. Make sure the necessary accessories are available with the cleaner you are buying. If you are looking for lighter easy to use machines then go for cylindrical vacuum cleaners. They also come with all the necessary accessories. If you want to keep the air in your home dust free then you should buy a bag vacuum cleaner.

    What other features you should look out for?

    Power: Power of a vacuum cleaner is an indicator of its performance. A good measure for a cylindrical vacuum cleaner is 1400 watts & for an upright one is 1300 watts.

    Dust bags: Dust bags, as the name suggests, is the place where all the dirt & dusts gets deposited after it is sucked by the vacuum cleaner. The dust bags in vacuum cleaners needs replacing after sometime since they get clogged with dirt & becomes very hard to clean. Also the bags themselves get torn after usage over a period of time. There are vacuum cleaners of course which comes without any dust bags attached to them. But those cleaners are more expensive since they are technologically more advanced. If you can afford a cleaner without dust bags attached to them then go for them. But if can’t then buy a cleaner that comes with a dust bag but clean it regularly to use it for the longest possible time.

    Filtration: Filtration determines the size & number of particles that will be left in the air when it is exhausted out of the vacuum. If you or any of the members in your house suffers dust allergy then go for cleaners with multiple levels of filtration. S-class or HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) is custom designed to reduce microscopic alignments emitted after cleaning & as a result gives a much cleaner air flow. People who have asthma or similar problems may use these types of vacuum cleaners. Bagless models mainly comes with HEPA type of filtration.

    Things to do before you buy vacuum cleaners:

    • Test air tightness if you or anyone else in your family suffering from asthma by doing a little bit of cleaning.
    • Try assembling & dissembling the attachments to make sure they fit properly & you understand how to attach them.
    • Check the height of the fully assembled to make sure you are comfortable with it.
    • Make sure that the power switch, height level controller and any other controls are easy to access and use.
    • Also buy a cleaner that suits your budget.
  • Choosing The Right Home Patio Doors


    Buying patio doors for your home can seem overwhelming with one trip to your local home improvement store. There are so many different models to choose from that it can be difficult to figure out which one is right. You’ve already figured out that a patio door is beneficial because it allows extra light into your home and it provides you with access to your patio or back yard. The difficulty lies in trying to make a choice; your choice will be much easier when you learn a little about the different doors.

    One of the most common types of doors are sliding doors because they are one of the more budget-friendly options. These doors slide along a track system attached to your ceiling and floor. One side slides, the other side stays in place, and often there’s a screen that slides along the outer section of the tracking. Sliding doors used to be made from aluminum frames, but they are now available in other materials like PVC vinyl.

    When homes starting getting more modern designs, so did the doors, and french style doors were born. These doors, as the name suggests, were modeled from the doors that were found in many European homes. Traditionally, french doors could be used as entryway doors that led outside the home, but they were also used as doors inside homes. Today, the hardwood doors are used inside homes, while the PVC and aluminum doors are optimal for entryway doors, like the ones you would choose to lead to your patio.

    When you’re comparing different types of doors, you will need to make sure that you pay attention to the size of the doors. Sixty and seventy-five inch doors are more common than other sizes. You may find that your doorway opening is substantially larger than the door you want. Consider adding side glass panels to fill the extra space on either side of the door.

    You will also need to think about the installation. While installing a door on your own is a good way to save money, some doors are more difficult to install than others. Don’t completely dismiss the idea of hiring a professional. In some cases, warranties are voided if the doors aren’t professionally installed.


    If you are worried about privacy, there are options with the doors that you choose. You can choose stained glass doors, or doors that have frosting or etching. If you don’t want to change the type of glass, you can hang blinds or curtains to give you adjustable privacy when you want it and the ability to let in light when you aren’t worried about privacy.

    There are a few options for the type of door frame that is available. There are hardwood frames, like cherry, pine, and oak that can be sealed or stained to maintain a natural beauty, but they are often best for regions that don’t have extreme weather conditions. PVC is an easily cleaned type of frame material, although a little wider, that is usually chosen for energy efficiency. Sliding doors are often made from aluminum with a layer of insulation inside and can be painted almost any color that you desire.

    Choosing the right patio doors for your home doesn’t have to feel like rocket science. Deciding which type of door involves considering the frame and style as well as your budget. A little well-researched planning is all you need to help you make the appropriate choice for you and your family.


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  • Why Using an Oven For Heating Home is Not a Good Idea


    During the years of war, before heaters and air conditioners were invented, people used to heat their homes with ovens. This held a certain risk, but they were used to it and so it was ok. Nowadays some people do this as well, but this is not a great idea at all. I hope I can give you enough proof bellow to forget this idea once and for all.


    Unlike heaters, ovens don’t have a temperature meter, which prevents them from overheating. As the oven burns oxygen in the room depletes. If it reaches critical level, carbon monoxide will begin to take over the space. Sooner or later the flame in the oven will be extinguished. When that happens gas will begin to leak into the house, filling it up. You can see where this is going, right ?

    Many people have died from gas poisoning and suffocation years ago, because they fell asleep while leaving the oven open and on during the night. Nowadays, with all the heaters available on the market, relatively cheap, and air conditioner, almost nobody will lean on this heating method. However, in certain situations, people may do it, out of pure ignorance. I strongly wish that you’d be careful and restrain yourself from any such acts and encourage your friends to do the same.

    Also ovens may overheat and malfunction while you do this. Professional oven cleaners in Northamptom say that they have seen the damage that is caused from mistreatment and this is on of the more severe cases. Many fire teams have faced burning infernos, caused by an ignited oven, or gas, leaked by one.

    This is no joke because in the US this is considered one of the main causes for combustion. In the UK people are smarter than that, and rarely rely on such heating measures. However, occasionally, an old household may do something like this. It happens far to often to be neglected and so, again, I imply that you must be cautious with your oven use. Constant maintenance and oven cleaning are the means you have to do in order to ensure your safety.

  • 5 Ways you can Get Celeb Hair At Home


    If there is one thing that celebrities know how to do best is looking the part for their red carpet moment. A great number of people borrow a lot from these appearances including borrowing a few tips about styling up your hair. It is in fact possible to copy some of the celebrity breathtaking hair inspirations and practice doing them at home. For anyone with a keen eye, these should not be a problem; with one look at a celebs picture, you can quickly pick out what you want and practice it at home. Celebrities are known to be the trend setters and are always looking forward do producing yet another look that will take the world by storm. For us, the best thing that we can only do is to try and copy them. This is how you can get a celebrity hair style while at the comfort of your room.

    Make a decision of what exactly you want


    Since most if not all celebrities tend to have awesome hairstyles every time they show up for a red carpet event, it’s every easy for one to be spoilt of choices. No one can really attempt to copy all of these styles at once and succeed considering the fact that they are at times sophisticated. Instead of being greedy, pick one that you your hair length and texture will support. If you try to rush and fail to consider this, you might just end up being disappointed.

    Consider your lifestyle

    You need to understand that your lifestyle will never match up to that of the celebs; well, at least for the moment. With celebrities, they have people working for them something which you probably don’t have. Think about the hairstyle you want and your lifestyle and see if the two can work together. As someone average, you do not want a hair style that will take up most of your time maintaining when knowing very well that you have a life to live. It can be draining regardless of how fabulous the style looks like.


    Make it a bit unique

    Even if you are copying a celebrity, it does not mean that you do not have to get creative at it. Add some surprises to your hair do to make it stand out. Do not be afraid to try out something new. Be adventurous, you just never know; it might turn out to be rewarding.

    Get your fingers to working

    Try using your fingers instead of a comb or a brush. Most celebrity hair stylists do that for their clients. What this actually does is that it greatly eliminates the chances of having brush lines running through your hair and also helps you with a bit of tousle.

    Embrace lightweight products

    These kinds of products will make your hair stunning because they rarely weigh strands down and make your hair look rather stiff and crispy. Buy these products and enjoy your red carpet moment while at home. It’s all worth it.

  • How to Clean a Circulon Cookware


    Circulon is a brand of non-stick saucepan, frying pans and other cookware that are manufactured by Meyer. The non-stick coating circulon is bound by anodized aluminum which is harder as steel. Food would not stick to the pan and the groove wave design protects the pan from abrasion that is the major cause of damage among non-stick cookware. It is better to clean the pan regularly and after each cooking to prevent grease and food stain accumulation.

    These are the steps on how to clean circulon cookware:


    • The non-stick cookware like circulon is very easy to clean and must be maintain for long lasting use. Before starting the cleaning process, prepare the necessary equipments for cleaning. Get the soft brush, dishwashing soap, water and white vinegar ready.
    • Mix dishwashing soap and water together in a basin until it becomes soapy water. Put the circulan cookware over and leave it for a few minutes so that soap can penetrate on the grease and stain.
    • After soaking the cookware, get the soft brush and start brushing the inside portion. Apply pressure to scrub off deep-seated grease and stain. Brush cookware using circular strokes to effectively remove grease.
    • Clean the outside and bottom portion of the cookware. Use scrub or sponge until outside grease and dirt can be removed. Do not scratch or scrub the shiny coating. Just wipe it with sponge.
    • Rinse the cookware thoroughly with running water until soap residue and grease are completely removed. If possible rinse the cookware with warm water.
    • Dry circulon cookware after cleaning. Allow it to dry until water droplets are completely gone. A clean kitchen towel can also be used to absorb excess water. Just pat over the cookware until water is absorbed.
    • If there is food stuck on the cookware, mix one part white vinegar with three parts water and placed it on the pan. Allow the solution to boil for about 10 minutes. After it is done, discard the solution and wash the cookware until vinegar residue is removed. Wash with soap and water and rinse thoroughly.
    How to clean a circulon cookware
    How to clean a circulon cookware

    Cleaning non-stick cookware like circulon is easy and simple but there are some precautions to be observed. Avoid using aerosol cooking spray on the pan. Do not place cookware in the dishwasher. It is better to hand wash all the pans. And after each cleaning dry the cookware right away to prevent water spots and discoloration.