An iron is the most common tool found in our house. Basically, we use it in our daily living. How would you feel going out on the street for a walk or going to your workplace with corrugation or crease around your uniform? That is definitely a horrible feeling. You feel like you’re being chased by an iron. As they say, the way we dress reflects the kind of person we are. Thus, irons are definitely an essential household tool to maintain a neat and pleasing appearance. However, people are still unfamiliar regarding the cleaning process of an iron. It needs cleaning up on a regular basis in order to maintain flawless clothes.


Cleaning an iron is not a day to day task and it’s not even as complicated as you think. It only needs time and willingness to do the work. The time required for cleaning an iron is approximately 15-20 minutes and the things that you will need are vinegar, mild dish soap, a clean cloth, baking soda, metal polish, water, steel wool, aluminum foil and salt.

Here are the important steps in cleaning an iron:

  • It is essential to read the iron manual first before going into the cleaning process. This way, your mind will be filled with appropriate knowledge on the proper care needed for iron maintenance. Don’t be in a hurry; just take your time reading.
  • Make sure to unplug the iron first before cleaning. If you are using a steam iron, don’t forget to clean the inner portion.
  • Turn on the steam iron and put water inside the chamber at least ¾ full.
  • Get the white vinegar and pour the vinegar inside the steam iron reservoir.
  • Don’t forget to open your windows as vinegar scent may smell terrible. Repeat this step for further cleansing using clean water. You can also use a solution of baking soda and water if vinegar is not available.
  • To remove burnt stain or burnt cloth at the base of your iron, make use of a soft cloth, water and liquid detergent. You have to make sure that you have unplugged the iron and leave it for several minutes to cool down before cleaning. Remember to use a mild chemical in order to prevent losing the iron’s coat. Mix the water and liquid detergent into the bowl. With the use of the soft cloth, wipe any dirt visible in the iron using a firm scrubbing motion.
  • If there are melted plastics present on your sole plates, you can remove it by placing aluminum foil on the iron stand or iron table. Put small amount of salt on the iron table with a foil then start to iron the aluminum foil. This will help remove the melted objects on the sole plate. Avoid using metal tools as possible as it may destroy and add further damage to the sole plate of the iron. If there is any debris present like a dirt build up, gently wipe it with cotton and water with added vinegar.